Bespoke Joinery

Bespoke Joinery by LJ Refurbishments

A question we are asked time and again is how much does it cost to supply and fit an alcove unit. The cost does vary in design but an average cost is £1400.00 fitted.

We have had customers say they can get the same done for £700.00 fitted. "Wow!" we respond "give us their number and we will employ them!". Joking aside, it would be physically impossible to make the alcove unit as we do for this sum of money.

Ask your carpenter this:

1. Are the carcasses properly jointed or just screwed together?

2. Are the back panels rebated or are they simply screwed or nailed on?

3. Are moisture resistant materials used?

4. Are all the edges of the material edge banded by machine?

5. Do the doors have inset panels and jointed or are planted on mouldings used?

6. Is it sprayed in an industrial finish and not a household paint such as Dulux or Farrow & Ball?

7. Is the unit pre-made in a workshop and the only time spent on site is fitting?

It all comes down to the quality you require. Do you want something put together by a carpenter on site that will hopefully look ok or do you want a stunning piece of furniture? It’s as simple as that.


All the work was carried out to a very high standard with much attention to detail, using a high degree of skill. I was impressed with the quality and range of the various hand-tools and wood machine equipment he used. Mr Dawes put down dust sheets/plastic sheeting each day and swept up /cleaned all work areas at the end of each day, all tools etc were cleaned. All in all, I was extremely satisfied with his work and am happy to recommend him to others.

Douglas Martin - South Ruislip