Turn imagination into reality

Imagine designing, drawing and uploading your ideas to the web and soon after, seeing your designs come to life in wood or in another material of your choosing. Imagine the floor of your music room, hallway, living room or dining room with musical notes perfectly formed from one type of wood and embedded into flooring made from another.

Imagine the words of your favourite and most inspiring song carved and laid into your floor. Imagine your child’s face when they receive a beautifully carved toy with their name meticulously cut into it. This is all possible with Imaging by J & D.

Working from our London workshop, we are highly successful, long established joinery craftsmen now offering an exiting new service with the same level of quality that our customers have become accustomed to. Our mission now is to achieve the same level of 5-star satisfaction that we have always striven to deliver to our existing customers.

We use highly sophisticated state of the art equipment of unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency that will take your creative ideas and transform them into stunning works of outstanding precision, personally created just for you.

How we Work


When we receive your request for a quotation accompanied by your drawings and you accept our estimate, we will set to work to load them onto our state of the art equipment.

The machine will then scan your drawing and make calculations to the finest level of detail before making from the material you’ve selected. The equipment we use is so intelligent and accurate that it makes coninuous real-time adjustments while it’s cutting with the final result being a perfect creation to the dimesions you requsted.

Request a Quote

Now that you’ve decided on what you’d like us to make for you and you sketched or technically drawn your idea, send us this request for a quotation. Simply enter your name, e-mail address, subject, a short message or special instructions and your drawing.

If you have any issues, then please do not hesitate to give us a call. Looking forward to receiving your ideas and making them a reality.